Published: May, 2007, West Coast Performer Magazine

The Switch "Hello Today"
Produced and recorded by Joe Napolitano
Mixed by Chris Colthart and Joe Napolitano
Mastered by Kevin Bartley

By Michael Fortes

Formed two years ago, Los Angeles’ The Switch sports some ragged, booze-soaked vocals courtesy of one Aaron Kyle, and plays with a bouncy rock ‘n’ roll soul that commands attention. Think Greg Dulli’s Twilight Singers with less pathos and more laughter. Kyle has a similar R&B-singer-via-drunken-rocker vocal delivery with a less-is-more approach to rhythm guitar. In fact, apart from the opener, “Tongue Tied,” and “Living in Another World,” the band’s debut five-song EP, Hello Today, actually leans more on Joshua Charney’s piano for its foundation than Kyle’s guitar.

On “Crazy,” a comfortably slow tune, Maria DeLuca’s viola unforgettably renders the song’s sad tone. DeLuca actually turns out to be The Switch’s MVP — her background vocals define the band’s sound as much as Kyle’s lead vocals, as does her trumpet playing on the bouncy opening rocker “Tongue Tied” and the closing instrumental “Vaudeville.” The trumpet leads the way on the latter, a great little piece of music which would be a perfect backdrop for a lonely cowboy sauntering off into the sunset after losing his horse to a hustler in a poker game.

There’s strong potential in this track that deserves further exploration in the band’s next outing.

The Switch "Hello Today" album cover